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martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Montappone and the Museum of Hats

Montappone  is a small rural town where handmade hat manufacture set up as early as the 17th century. The sector has remarkably increased over the years and it has gradually become more  profitable.
The traditional handicrafts have been converted into industrial products. One of the first Italian sites to make a fortune with hats, with 70% of the domestic output made here and in six neighbouring towns,
Montappone is now Europe's most important hat-making district.

The lovely Museum of Hats in Montappone shows the hat making steps - straw picking and selection, plaiting, weaving and sewing.
Each step is illustrated by slides, pictures, panels and vintage machines. There is a remarkably wide collection of traditional and innovative hats, including the priceless straw hat worn by the Italian cinema “maestro” and film director Federico Fellini .
A hat festival that celebrates the hat making traditions and folk culture is held in Montappone in July and December each year.

posted by Guide Turistiche Marche - Guide Turistiche Fermo
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