lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Ancona Port and Airport Assistance - Transfer to and from Ancona port, airport and train station - Tourist Travel Guides Marche

The team Tourist Guides Marche, fluent in the major foreign languages , assists  passengers arriving and departing from the port of Ancona. It offers passengers the opportunity to know the routes and times of arrival at the port and the procedures for boarding and disembarkation; informs on the schedules and boarding time of the  ferries and on the procedures concerning  the check-in; informs on the location of the shipping agencies, currency exchange, car parking, banks and freight forwarders; suggests the main attractions of the area, providing real-time guiding services and escorting throughout the Marche Region.

The group Tourist  Guides Marche assists the passengers at the airport "R. Sanzio" in Ancona-Falconara during the check – in  (tickets and necessary documents for this operation)

Transfer available to and from port / airport and railway station of Ancona.

Tourist  Guides Marche

Guiding services, escort , transfer .
tel + 39 339 2964619


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