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Ascoli Piceno guided tour

Ascoli Piceno

The beguiling town of Ascoli Piceno is the southern Marche's major centre.

Along with its breathtaking main square Piazza del Popolo, a  traffic-free and travertine-paved main square, stands Palazzo dei Capitani  del Popolo, a splendid 13thC building with a lovely arcaded Renaissance courtyard.

The other main square is  Piazza Arringo,  almost as impressive as  Piazza del Popolo: it is flanked by the Duomo, or cathedral, housing the colourful polyptch with the Madonna and Saints by Carlo Crivelli, considered one of his finest works, and the town hall, or palazzo Comunale.

The Pinacoteca Civica, Ascoli's art gallery, is a carpet-bag collection of minor works by major artists and major works by minor artists. Best of all is the 13thC cope (piviale) of Pope Nicholas IV, a dazzling piece of embroidery work made in England. Worth visiting is Teatro Ventidio Basso,  a 19c  theatre in neoclassical style, dedicated to Ventidio Basso, a Roman citizien of Ascoli Piceno, who was a general of the Roman Republique.

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Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo