giovedì 9 giugno 2011

San Benedetto del Tronto guided tour

 San Benedetto del Tronto  and  the Palm Tree Riviera

San Benedetto del Tronto  is one of the main holiday resorts of the southern Marche between the Tronto and Tesino rivers:   it boasts long beaches of sand with over seven thousand palm trees on its wide promenade known as one of the most enchanting in Italy.
Its shallow and calm water makes this beach ideal for long walks and romantic strolls.
San Benedetto del Tronto is also a thriving town that doubles as one of the most important fishing ports on Italy's Adriatic coast.
The most pleasant stretch of beach   and the highest concentration of good hotels  run  from the centre of town southwards.
The beach to the north of the large port area offers many stretches of free, public  beach.
Along the newly renovated south promenade lie ten theme gardens filled with rare species of palm trees, small lakes and water games.
San Benedetto boasts a vast array of tourist accommodations, ranging from  hotels and residences to about a wide range of private apartments giving tourists the opportunity to spend an enjoyable and memorable vacation on ”the Palm Tree Riviera”.

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